A Duet of Devices: Ode to My Keyboards

B. Shiv Kumar
1 min readApr 13, 2023

Two keyboards, two worlds — my cherished friends,
My workhorse, my muse, on them my life depends,
One clicks and clacks, keys tapping in tune,
The other hums melodies, like honey from a spoon.

The clacking companion, my constant cohort,
Compiling code, composing prose, a keyboard sport,
A loyal listener, hearing every keystroke sound,
Connecting me to the world, to friends all around.

The humming maestro, a mellifluous delight,
My musical mate, every day and every night,
A harmony of hammers, rhythm of rhymes,
A beat that uplifts, a tune that chimes.

These two companions, steadfast and true,
Bring color and contrast, to my everyday hue,
One a tool, the other an instrument to play,
Together, they guide my way.

A QWERTY clavier, a concert of keys,
A duet of devices, so different, yet at ease,
A symphony of sounds, a melody of mood,
A pair of partners, in perfect attuned.

So here’s to the two keyboards, my loyal allies,
With them, I thrive, in them, my spirit flies,
In my hands, on my desk, they rest side by side,
My cherished companions, my joy and my pride.



B. Shiv Kumar

A curious soul interested about Machine Learning and life in general.