The Power of Decisions: Elevating Hard Work and Talent

B. Shiv Kumar
4 min readSep 4, 2023

In the arena of success, the timeless debate between hard work and talent continues to rage on like a never-ending sitcom rerun. Some swear by the magic of innate talent, while others root for the plucky underdog, hard work. But lurking in the wings is an unsung hero of the success story, the power of decisions. As they say, “Hard work beats talent. Decision trumps both.” Let’s dive into the comedy of life’s choices and how they guide and elevate both hard work and talent, reminding us that life is a series of decisions and their oh-so-amusing consequences.

Hard Work: The Foundation of Success (With a Twist)

Picture hard work as that hilarious character in a sitcom who’s always working overtime. It involves endless hours of practice, dedication that would make a sloth jealous, and more resilience than a rubber band factory. Hard work is like the quirky best friend who can turn any situation around with a snappy one-liner. It’s the sheer determination that can outfox any natural talent, but it doesn’t mind a little help from its decision-making buddy.

Talent: A Natural Advantage (Cue the Talent Show)

Now, talent, on the other hand, is the gifted cousin who effortlessly nails every performance at the family talent show. Whether it’s belting out high notes, painting masterpieces, or acing math problems like a human calculator, talent’s got it in the bag. But here’s the catch: talent can get a bit complacent, relying on its innate gifts while the rest of the cast works hard to steal the spotlight.

The Role of Decisions: (Insert Drum Roll)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the star of our show: Decisions! Decisions are the leading actors that turn the plot from mundane to mesmerizing. They’re like the directors behind the scenes, calling the shots and making sure everyone’s on their mark.

  1. Setting Goals: Decisions love a good opening act, and setting goals is just that. It’s like writing the script for your own success story. Whether you’re aspiring to be the next rock star or coding guru, decide what you want to achieve. It’s like picking your character in a video game — you choose the avatar, and off you go!
  2. Making Choices: Decisions are all about the choices we make. Think of them as the plot twists that keep the audience hooked. Sometimes, it means sacrificing the tempting donut for a session at the gym or choosing to learn a new skill instead of binge-watching cat videos. These choices add depth to the storyline of your life.
  3. Commitment: The grand finale! Commitment is the epic showdown where decisions take center stage. It’s the dramatic climax where you pledge to stick to your chosen path. Like the hero in a blockbuster movie, you face obstacles, conquer challenges, and stay committed, even when the villain (aka procrastination) tries to throw you off course.
Steve Jobs didn’t create Apple by making bad decisions.

Life’s Journey: A Comedy of Errors (with a Happy Ending)

In the end, life is like a sitcom with a script written by our decisions. Every choice we make shapes the storyline and determines our fate. Whether it’s choosing a career, a life partner, or deciding whether to wear socks with sandals (please don’t), these decisions bring humor and drama to our lives.


In the ongoing debate between hard work and talent, decisions emerge as the real showstopper, delivering punchlines that elevate both hard work and talent. “Hard work beats talent. Decision trumps both” is like the catchphrase of a sitcom character who always knows how to steal the scene. So, as we navigate this comedy called life, let’s remember that our choices, like well-timed punchlines, shape our destinies and keep the laughter rolling. After all, life’s a sitcom, and we’re the stars of the show!



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